Holgate Remodel

Project Details

The intention for this kitchen remodel was to create a sense of luxury and grand scale in this open concept kitchen. The design is infused with modern elements along with stainless and gray accents. Honoring the client’s desire for an inviting space where large groups of family and friends can gather.

Design Challenges

One of the challenges in this remodel was dealing with a large oversized soffit that ran above the upper cabinets. We had an idea of what we faced, but the full challenge can never truly be known until demolition day.

Holgate Projec pic.jpg

Design Solutions

To fulfill the client’s vision of having flush cabinets tie into a much smaller soffit, our team successfully reworked plumbing and HVAC lines to give the desired finished look.

Another design element was using large format floor tiles 24”x48”.  While the larger size and the minimal grout lines created a smooth look, this meant we had to make sure the sub floor was perfectly straight and level.   

The product styles and finishes used, evokes a calming mood, creating an inviting usable space. This kitchen started as an idea that became a dramatic reality. 


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